Travel Photography Book Design: Jordan

Photographic book: Jordan

Jordan, A Photographic Journey from Amman to Aqaba is a brilliantly photographed book suitable for any coffee table.

Photographic book: Jordan
Photographic book: Jordan

A photographic journey from Amman to Aqaba. This is a land steeped in history and fought over for centuries. There is a beauty and elegance in the desert landscapes and holy places that is unmatched in the world. Photographs by L.V.O’Connell.
This 108 page (13 — 11 in, 33 — 28 cm) book and others are available at

O'Connell Design
O’Connell Design

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Newsletter Design for CARDA

O’Connell Design has taken on a newsletter design for CARDA.

CARDA, California Rescue Dog Association, is an organization dedicating to providing k9 search and rescue teams to searches across the state of California. Their newsletter in an integral part of organizing and disseminating information among members and connected agencies.

This 10 to 20 page newsletter is produced monthly and delivered digitally.