Lower Third Motion Graphics for CARDA

Lower Third Graphics for the California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA)

We recently created lower third motion graphics for CARDA and their spot on Canine Corner. Founded in 1976, CARDA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, and the largest volunteer search dog organization in America. They train canine teams (dog and handlers) for search and rescue. They deploy throughout the state of California and occasionally to larger search operations outside the state.

Videos such as these and their brand recognition are used to generate funds to support the all volunteer teams.

Shattered the Movie

Motion Graphics Movie Title: Shattered

Motion Graphics Production Notes

Movie title test for Shattered. This video was produced using After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Audition


Motion Graphics Design, Artwork, Art Direction: L.V.O

Movie Title Test: Shadow & Light

Motion Graphics Series :: Movie Title Tests

Motion Graphics Movie Title Production Notes

Created with After Effects, Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D. This video makes use to custom textures and lighting rigs. These files were created using a procedural technique so that the text and background image can be changed to suit the audience or venue.


Motion Graphics Design, Artwork, Art Direction: L.V.O

Typography of Good Motion Graphics

Leading for typography.

Finding the Music in the Typography of Good Motion Graphics

When describing good typography, terms like rhythm, proportion and motion are frequently used. The music of superior typography has a good measure to each line of text in a paragraph. Horizontal motion and a vertical motion even of static typography can aid in the ease of readability and ultimately the flow. This flow is the same you find in psychology or the gaming world.

Motion Graphics Knotwork Animation

Celtic Design and Motion Graphics Knotwork

Art Direction, Design and Animation: L.V.O’Connell
Music: Percussive Fences by Ivan Chew / CC BY 3.0

Illuminated manuscripts date back to before the Middle Ages. Artwork in looks such as the Book of Kells is known as Insular Art.