10 Tips: Social Media for Film Promotion

Social media for film promotion.
10 Social Media for Film Promotion

Social Media for Film Promotion

More and more social media is key to getting independent films to market. Whether you’re generating financial backing or to get seen when they are done (especially if you’re going the four walling distribution route) film promotion via social media platforms is worth serious consideration. Here are some tips for your social media for film promotion.

  1. Does your social media post pass the re share test? If it’s not something people will want to pass on, it won’t help promote your film.
  2. Be useful and valuable. By providing information, analysis, assistance, and/or entertainment people will tolerate pure promotion when you ask something of them. A good ration is 20 valuable posts to 1 pure film promotion post.
  3. Be yourself. Depending on your audience, people are more likely to respond when it sounds like a person on the other end rather than a corporation.
  4. Drama. You’re doing film promotion here. Add drama and make seeing your film an event.
  5. Short and to the point. Try to use a 50 character heading, 3 sentences or less (140 characters for Twitter), and write in the active voice as much as possible.
  6. Credit your source. It’s good etiquette, karma, and more links and connections help promote your stuff.
  7. Images, Images, Images. Always add an image.
    – Instagram: 640×640 px
    – Facebook: 940×788 px (newsfeed: 472x394px; single image: 504x504px;
    – Event images: 784x294px) https://www.facebook.com/PagesSizesDimensions (This page has useful graphics, which are free to see, but requires you to ‘like’ them and ‘invite’ your friends before it allows you to download the promised reference files. Not a recommended practice for promoting your film.)
    – Pinterest: 735x1100h px
    – Google+: 800×600 px (minimum, 4:3 ratio)
    – Twitter: 1024×512 px
    – YouTube: Always upload a thumbnail of your title screen that coordinates with your social media. Vimeo: Always upload a thumbnail of your title screen that coordinates with your social media. LinkedIn: 180x110px (thumbnail image)

    Social media master template for film promotion
    Social media master template for post images for film promotion.

    Social Media post image generation workflow. Consider creating a template for use in your graphics software to help you generate relevant artwork quickly and easily.

  8. Crazy-go-nutz with #hashtags. It ties content together and it increases your possible reach.
  9. Schedule and spread it out. Take a look at you analytics to determine when your audience is online. Then plan your film promotion campaign. Spread your posts out to build interest but don’t overwhelm. You know your viewers, they’ll stop watching if you overload their inbox.  Social media services include: Buffer (https://bufferapp.com), Hootsuite (https://hootsuite.com/), SproutSocial, Social Bro, Tailwind Ap, and Tweetdeck
  10. How many posts are recommended? Some experts recommend 3-4 posts per day. For the audiences I manage 2 to 4 posts a week are more appropriate (with an increase prior to key events). This is a bit of a balancing act. You need to post regularly to keep your ‘edge rank’ up, but you also need to keep your audience happy.

Identify your audience, consider your content, plan it out, and use social media for film promotion in a thoughtful way. Get out there, get seen, and get your film funded.

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