Lower Third Motion Graphics for CARDA

Lower Third Graphics for the California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA)

We recently created lower third motion graphics for CARDA and their spot on Canine Corner. Founded in 1976, CARDA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, and the largest volunteer search dog organization in America.

CARDA’s mission is to train, certify, and deploy highly-qualified search dog teams to assist law enforcement and other public safety agencies in the search for lost and missing persons. CARDA search dog teams have participated in thousands of missing person searches and have saved public safety agencies millions of dollars through the use of volunteer resources.
We’ve had the pleasure of working with this great organisation for nearly a decade. It has included the projects below and many more.

Logo and Brand Evolution

Work on this brand has involved working with the existing mark, helping it evolve into something easily identifiable in modern media and social media outlets. It has also involved market research, analysis of the competition, and concept work to help the organisation grow in the future.

Pet Food Express Fundraiser Materials

CARDA participates in one big fundraising event annually in partnership with Pet Food Express. This event is crucial to the organisations funding and operations CARDA flyer design. throughout the year. We created
posters, flyers, print and digital advertising, and store displays. Their next event is scheduled for June 6 & 7, 2015 go here for more information.

Previous CARDA/Pet Food Express Fundraising Successes

Newsletter and Custom Illustrations

We’ve also designed and produced a monthly newsletter for CARDA’s internal distribution. It’s used to inform and educate CARDA members. Educational and promotional illustrations, photographs, and diagrams were created to aid articles.

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Good Design and Funding a Nonprofit

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