Motion Graphics Movie Title – Arctic

1st in a Motion Graphics Series :: Movie Title Tests

About the Movie Title

“As the long nights of winter close in, an expedition to the North Pole discovers something unexpected….”

The motion graphics for this Science Fiction/Thriller needed to create visual intensity and a sense of mystery. To achieve this, the images and type are dark and obscure. The type appears to move into the for foreground from deep within a frozen block of ice. The title comes into frame on a diagonal before settling in the center of the screen.

Motion Graphics Movie Title Production Notes

This movie title test for the movie, Arctic, was created using After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro. The title’s logotype was designed and transferred into After Effects. The animation also uses 3D effects to create depth and allow a camera to move through the visual space in a number of ways.


Motion Graphics Design, Artwork, Art Direction: L.V.O’Connell,
Music:Frozen“ to MaCu, CC 3.0