Shattered the Movie

Motion Graphics Movie Title: Shattered

Motion Graphics Production Notes

Movie title test for Shattered. This video was produced using After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Audition


Motion Graphics Design, Artwork, Art Direction: L.V.O

Movie Title Test: Shadow & Light

Motion Graphics Series :: Movie Title Tests

Motion Graphics Movie Title Production Notes

Created with After Effects, Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D. This video makes use to custom textures and lighting rigs. These files were created using a procedural technique so that the text and background image can be changed to suit the audience or venue.


Motion Graphics Design, Artwork, Art Direction: L.V.O

Typography of Good Motion Graphics

Leading for typography.

Finding the Music in the Typography of Good Motion Graphics

When describing good typography, terms like rhythm, proportion and motion are frequently used. The music of superior typography has a good measure to each line of text in a paragraph. Horizontal motion and a vertical motion even of static typography can aid in the ease of readability and ultimately the flow. This flow is the same you find in psychology or the gaming world.

Logo Design Process for SDRES

A short video containing a few parts of the logo design process.

The Logo Design Process

The logo design process consists of five steps or phases. Each step can vary in the length of time needed for completion based on complexity and the amount of time the Client needs to move to the next step.

Step 1 :: Discovery & Design Brief

Discover the audience profile, definition of the message and brand metaphors, review the requirements of the project and fully define the brief. This involves a detailed conversation with the Client and independent research.

Step 2 :: Concept

Based on the information gathered in Step 1 a series of preliminary sketches are created. From these sketches a minimum of two are selected and refined into logo design concepts. These concept designs are presented to the Client (usually in the form of flat JPEG images or PDF files) with detailed notes describing options and solutions for each concept.

Step 3 :: Review & Feedback

Here the Brief is reviewed to ensure the artwork is meeting its requirements. This is where the Client gives feedback on the direction.

Step 4 :: Edit & Design Approval

Based on the information from the Review & Feedback step, the design is edited or further flushed out and taken back to Step 3: Review/Feedback step until the design is approved. Frequently this takes three Review & Feedback rounds to properly refine a logo.

Step 5 :: Logo Design Final Approval & Delivery

After the logo has a final design approval, the graphic is optimized and several versions are created for use in different media. Delivery of the final logo design materials includes: logo source file, RGB and CMYK versions, and a style-guide detailing elements of the logo.