After Effects VFX & Animation: Mnemophrenia

VFX and Future User Interface Animation for the Feature Film Mnemophrenia

Mnemophrenia movie poster design

Three generations of a family are affected in different ways by mnemophrenia, a mental condition caused by the use of advanced Virtual Reality (VR) films. This evolution of the mind renders them unable to distinguish real and artificial memories.

Title: Mnemophrenia
Director: Eirini Konstantinidou
VFX & Animation: O’Connell Design
Poster Design: Dimitra Laskou & Robin King

Fictional User Interface Design

The user interface design included: main and secondary navigation systems, a heads up display, branding placement, and monitoring systems for an artificial intelligence in the film.

FUI user interface design animation
AI user interface shows data as the main character views information. FUI/user interface design animation.
FUI/User Interface design animation
Navigation, bio scans, and data information.
FUI/User Interface design animation
Motion tracking.

Visual Effects (VFX)

VFX work included mirror replacement, tape removal, logo removal, and simulated augmented reality.

FUI/User Interface design animation sign replacement
Source footage for mirror (sign replacement) effect.
mirror replacement VFX
Final footage for the mirror replacement visual effect.