San Diego Creature Project Comic

Comics by kids for kids. A comic by kids, for kids.

Follow three brothers Arun, Harry, and Liam along with their cousins Reed and Jake, and their dog Rioghan (Ryan) as they discover creatures and use science to solve mysteries in Southern California. A comic by kids, for kids.

San Diego Creature Project Comic Cover The Curious Case of the Creepy Crawly that Crept into the Kitchen.

Issue 01: The Curious Case of the Creepy Crawly that Crept into the Kitchen
The kids discover something strange has crept into the kitchen. Can they discover what it is and get it back outside in time?

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Issue 02: The Early Morning Back Yard Rowdy Romp and Ruckus
While the kids are wonken too early by loads of noise outside. Can they figure out where it came from?

San Diego Creature Project Cover for comic Issue 03

Issue 03: The Case of the Cranky Crusty Crustation Shelled Crab.
The kids discover a stranded and very cranky crustation. Can they identify it and get it to safety before time runs out?

San Diego Creature Project Cover for comic Issue 04

Issue 04: And the Gross Situation with the Greeniest Big Bad Bossy Bug Ever!
As the kids take Rioghan for a walk at Dog Beach, they discover a pecular big green bug.

Issue 05: And the Big Beautiful Bioluminescent Red Tide Algae
The kids discover the source of an unusual smell and are delighted to learn find an amazing discovery after the sun goes down.

Issue 06: And the Mystery of Those Super Annoying Noises During Game Time
After repeated interruptions during game-time the kids discover another creature has wondered into the house. How will the capture it before game-time runs out?

Issue 07: And the Mystery of the Spiral Shaped Shells
While the kids take Rioghan on a walk along the San Diego River they discover unique shells.

Issue 08: Who’s Eating all the Tasty Tomato Plants
Arun discovers his favorite spicy food, Mahkani, is in jeopardy when he finds something eating his mom’s tomato plants. Can the kids find the creature before all the tomatos are gone?

Issue 09: It’s a Bird, It’s a Fish, It’s a Blish?
The kids see a creature in the water by Shelter Island. How will they use their skills to identify and save it?

Issue 10: Oh to Save the Super Squishiest Squishy Creature of All
When the kids encounter a super squishy creature at Dog Beach, Reed has to face her fear to save it from noisy dogs.

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