VFX for The Answer

Visual Effects (VFX) and Art Direction for The Answer

Play The Answer short film in IMDb.
Play The Answer short film in IMDb.
The Answer Movie Poster Design

A scientist lobbies his colleagues to make a dangerous mission to a foreign planet to uncover the scientist’s father’s research, that may save humanity.

Title: The Answer
Director: Michael Brueggemeyer
Visual Effects: O’Connell Design
Art Direction: L. V. O’Connell
Poster Design: L. V. O’Connell
Production Company: Amalgamated Grommets

Visual Effects Artwork

The Answer is a short film that takes place in the future. Many of the scenes were shot in the desert and made to look as though they were under water.

VFX for The Answer
Finished footage with Visual Effects.
Source footage for VFX
Source footage.

Art Direction

All pre-production and production (filming) of The Answer was done over two days. Scenes took place underwater and in an office on another planet.

Office set - art direction
Office set.