Film and Television Food Stylist

As a food stylist I prepared and showcased multiple cooked and baked foods under time constraints and strict, visual aesthetic requirements for camera. The work was used for video, web, advertising, and in print for a series of cookbooks.

Film and television food stylist for a cheesecake recipe.
Cheesecake recipe

Prepared Leprechaun Pancakes, Irish Bread, Pilgrim Pie, Pancakes, wine, Blueberry Soup, Key Lime Cookies and more. The work as a film and television food stylist also included sourcing proper dishes, linens, flatware, glassware, and stemware to specific standards. Multiple dishes were also prepared for multiple takes.

Food stylist for Marmalade Stuffed French Toast
Marmalade Stuffed French Toast
Food design and presentation Egg Bake