Production Design and Art Direction for The Perfect Life

Production Design and Art Direction were performed for the The Perfect Life, a dramatic narrative short film about television performers. Set in the 1950’s, this period film portrays a shapshot of race tensions and the choices the performing sisters are forced to make.

Promotional image for The Perfect Life film
This scene needed to look like a 1950’s television show.

Screenshots from the film

Pre-production Production Design Details

Attention to color was important – they needed to work in black and white and convey a different message in full color. Belle’s gloves, for example, would appear to be the same shade of grey on an old television but stand out against the blues and greens of the dresses in color. In addition, two versions of the detergent packaging were created to allow for a choice during production.

Behind the scenes television gameshow set.
Behind the scenes setup.
Behind the scenes for the exterior backstage set.
Exterior location for the back-stage scenes.
Behind the scenes actors on the monitor.
Behind the scenes of the monitor as the actors look on.
Product design and flag design for film props.
Prop design/Packaging design and creation.
Vintage car for 1950s period drama.
The Perfect Life film poster
The Perfect Life film poster.

Title: The Perfect Life
Director: Michael Brueggemeyer
Production Design: L. V. O’Connell
Wardrobe provided by: Cristyn Chandler
Hair & Makeup: Elaine Dill
Production Company: Amalgamated Grommets

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