Client Video Review Software

Notes From the San Diego Premiere Pro Users Group Meeting

Client video review software FrameIO, Wipster, and VimeoPro

In this discussion on client video review software, Eric Addison of 100 Acre Films, and co-manager of the San Diego Premiere Pro Users Group, presented Wipster. He talked about how he uses it in his workflow, from the panel inside Premiere Pro to the Wipster review website. Final Cut Pro User Group co-manager Michael Towe, and owner of M2 Video Productions, presented Frame io, and talked about how he uses in his workflow. While he showed it from a FCP X point of view, much of it crosses over to Premiere as well. And finally, Bill Davis, owner of NewVideo, showed how you can use VimeoPro for client review as well.

“The toughest part of any of these is to get the client to use them.” – Michael Towe


“How professional creative teams deliver faster.”

The offer ($25/mo. for team of 2)

  • Starts at 250GB storage
  • HD Playback & Delivery
  • Comment and review tools
  • Per seat pricing
  • Unlimited free reviewers
  • Video, Image, PDF, and Audio
  • Dashboard and Activity Feed
  • Integrations
  • Support Center
  • Storage add-ons 
  • Custom Branding
  • Private internal comments

Pros: Free basic package with 5GB storage and 540 playback, works with Mac/PC and Android App

Cons: Slightly more expensive


“Our cloud-based collaboration hub keeps your teams focused on creating great content — from across the hall or across the planet.”

They offer ($19/mo. for 1 seat, $49/mo. For 3 seats, and up)

  • Comment and annotate on videos
  • Unlimited review pages
  • Unlimited free presentations
  • Version management
  • The web’s fastest uploader
  • Active storage 250 GB to 1 TB
  • Archival storage 750 GB to 1 TB
  • Apple award-winning iPhone app

* A seat is the filmmaker/video provider. Unlimited links to the client.

Pros: easy to use, tutorials for clients, has an approval button

Cons: Company is focused on a Mac-based product and doesn’t seem keen to support filmmakers using PCs


“Create high-performing videos, collaborate with your team, and share anywhere.”

Bill Davis of NewVideo speaking about VimeoPro and his workflow at the San Diego Premiere Pro Users Group Meeting Feb2020.

They offer ($20/mo. 3 team members)

  • Video creation
  • Private team projects
  • Customizable Showcase sites
  • Video file transfer
  • 3 team members
  • Review & approval tools
  • Unlimited reviewers
  • Private video presentation
  • Version history
  • More

Pros: Offers a great balance between security and the ability to distribute (and upload a replacement video at a later date), ability to create portfolios of videos

Cons: Because part of Vimeo’s services are streaming videos to the public, there is the potential for it to be less secure than Wipster and Frame.IO

And how do you get clients to use the client video review software? You kindly explain to them how it benefits them with more accurate corrections and efficient communication.

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